Columbus Living

If you are thinking of finding apartments in Columbus Ohio and moving to the city. You most likely have questions about what life in this city is like? Let’s take a look at some of the things that make Columbus a great metro area to live and work in.

Columbus Entertainment

There is no shortage of things to do in Columbus, Ohio. This bustling city offers a vast array of art exhibits, music, theater, and museums. Short North, known for its lively bars and restaurants, is a great place for locals to enjoy a night out on the town. Historic German Village offers a wide variety of restaurants and sights to see. While Parsons Avenue is undergoing some amazing renovations. There is also East Public in Columbus with a ton of new and local businesses opening. 

Columbus is also home to many beautiful and lush parks and gardens. They’re great for walking, jogging, family activities, and enjoying those sunny days. All of the above, coupled with the Ohio State Buckeye games and their passionate and energetic fans, leaves plenty of options for a well-rounded and exciting life for Columbus residents.

The Columbus Job Market

Home to Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and with various large corporations holding headquarter locations in Columbus, this city offers an exciting work environment. Like many other metro areas, Columbus’ workforce is attractive to millennials and a younger generation. This makes for a lively and energetic workforce throughout the city.

The unemployment rate in Columbus is below the national average, with job opportunities for its residents in various sectors of the job market. Many large companies such as Honda of America, Nationwide, JPMorgan Chase and Company, and American Electric Power are major employers in the Columbus area. In addition to job opportunities in insurance, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and finance, Ohio State University is one of the area’s largest employers. The college employs thousands of people a year. With an unemployment rate to promote, it should be a breeze for new residents to find an exciting job in the Columbus area.

Columbus Ohio: How Do We Rank?

A recent US News article analyzed 125 different metro areas across the United States, trying to locate the best place to live in the US. The cities were ranked based on the quality of life, the current job market for that metro area, the value of living there, and people’s desire to live there; Columbus, Ohio ranked 36th in the Best Places to Live category and 57th in the Best Places to Retire category.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Columbus?  

One of the most appealing statistics about Columbus is its relatively low cost of living compared to other large metro areas across the United States. The average annual salary in Columbus is almost right on a par with the national average. The price for a home, rent and other general costs of living are lower than most other metro areas. This leaves residents of Columbus with more cash on hand after their day to day expenses than residents of other major cities.

The Weather in Columbus

The weather in Columbus tends to be more moderate than other parts of the Midwest. The weather tends to get hot and humid during the summer months, providing for plenty of sunny weather for Columbus residents. While many parts of the Midwest experience a heavy lake-effect snow, Columbus tends to escape this particular type of snowfall. The city does get moderate snowfall in the winter months.

Columbus Transportation

Depending on the neighborhood of Columbus one lives in, and personal preference, there is a plethora of ways to get around Columbus, Ohio. Most residents of Columbus opt to drive as their main source of transportation. Columbus residents also have the option to utilize the local buses, CoGo Bike Share, and a wide variety of taxi services. The average commute time in Columbus is less than the national average commute time.