Enjoying the Columbus Outdoors: Parks, Trails & Activities

With the arrival of spring and summer just around the corner, many Arbor residents are itching to get back outside. Luckily, our luxury Columbus apartments are located near plenty of great parks and outdoor activity areas. Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy the Columbus outdoors near The Arbor Apartments.

Columbus Parks: Schiller Park

Schiller Park, located in German Village, is the second oldest park in the city of Columbus. Its considered “the jewel of German Village”, boasting a great recreation center, picnic areas, well-kept softball diamonds, and a fishing pond. This park is also home to the stage that hosts the Actor’s Summer Theater every year in Columbus, making it a versatile park and a favorite to many Columbus residents.

Schiller Park spans over 23 acres of land and has a ton of great amenities! Their floral displays, gazebos, walking trails and pond appeal to many local runners, walkers, and couples looking for a quiet and relaxing day outdoors. Their picnic areas, playground, and athletic fields attract a lot of local families, offering a variety of great outdoor activities for children. They also have a basketball court and a lighted tennis court for the local athletes to enjoy.

Frank Fetch Park

Frank Fetch Park, renamed in 1985 after “the father of German Village” Frank Fetch, has been a special part of Columbus since 1966. Through many years of dedication, hard work and help from the German Village Garten Club and the Columbus Recreation and Parks Division, this once small and abandon lot has been transformed into a beautiful pocket park. The German Village Garten Club currently funds the park using proceeds from their annual Garten Market Sale, and the group Friends of Frank Fetch Park oversee the park seven days a week, keeping up with maintenance and planting requirements.

Frank Fetch Park is currently one of the most used 0.2 acres in Franklin County, making the establishment and continued maintenance of this park a huge success. This meticulously kept park is a result of all hands-on work by The Friends of Frank Fetch Park; they utilize hand mowing, hand trawling, hand planting, hand watering and hand fertilizing to keep up this hidden gem in Columbus. Lighting, hanging baskets, brick walkways, and beautiful fencing keep that classic feel to the park, while the pergola and picnic tables invite residents passing by to enjoy a tranquil rest. Although small, this park hosts thousands of Columbus residents a year with daily visitors, photographers, artists, joggers and families enjoying the sun at this special park.

Scioto Audubon Metro Park

Hidden among the once industrial landscape of Columbus, Scioto Audubon Metro Park has been successfully transformed into a beautiful, lush, green park with a thriving wildlife population and plenty of activities for park visitors. Scioto Audubon spans over 120 acres and is fortunately located right on the banks of the Scioto River. This makes it a great park for bird-watching, fishing, and walks along the water. Their climbing wall attracts athletes of all ages and is a distinguishing feature of the park. Scioto Audubon is a hidden oasis among the city, attracting locals daily to enjoy its serene views and family-friendly activities.

For more information on recreational activities in Columbus, Ohio contact The Arbor at (614) 371-7115 or email us at info@arborcolumbus.com