Day Trips Outside of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the largest city in Ohio. It is located between Cincinnati and Cleveland - the state’s other two big cities. Its central location makes it the perfect place to use as a base while touring Ohio. Within Columbus, there are unlimited opportunities for day tripping, with lots of hiking trails, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful woodland sceneries. Whether you are a thrill seeker or just want some outdoor adventure, there’s no doubt you are going to have a blast here. The best thing is that a day trip often takes less than two hours. Here are five unique day trips within a short drive of Columbus, Ohio.

Discover Nature at Hocking Hills

Whether you are looking to take on rugged nature excursions, relax and unwind or simply explore antique shops and stores, Hocking Hills is an excellent place to go for day trips. It’s located just 58 miles from this bustling capital of Ohio. What makes it an ideal escape from the city are its scenic waterfalls, serene wilderness, and incredible native wildlife. Other attractions here include the Majestic Galleries, Robbins Crossing Historical Village, and Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.

Explore an Epic Castle

Loveland Castle is another awesome destination worthy of a road trip. It’s less than 90 miles away from the hustle and bustle of this beautiful city. Although it was built many years back, it still looks marvelous in its own right. The best bit is that it’s free for kids under 5 and only charges $5 for those aged 6 and over. That makes the castle an ideal place to visit with your loved ones.

If Loveland Castle isn’t up your alley, don’t worry. It’s not the only one. Other castles in Ohio include Mac-A-Cheek Castle, Mac-O-Chee Castle, Great Stone Castle, and Landoll’s Mohican Castle, all within 75 miles from Columbus.

Hunt for the Elusive Bigfoot at the Salt Fork State Park

Located just 89 miles east of Columbus is Ohio’s largest state park - Salt Fork State Park. It’s a beautiful place to bike and get into the heart of Ohio’s natural environment. Every month, the park also hosts night hikes to allow visitors to go out and hunt Bigfoot. According to local lore, this park is believed to be full of bipedal cryptids. In fact, locals hold the Annual Bigfoot Conference here to celebrate this monstrous legend.


Visiting Cleveland is another unique way to enjoy day trips in Ohio. It’s nestled in a beautiful setting on the banks of the vast Lake Erie. Besides having a beautiful cityscape, it’s famous for being home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The drive to this second largest city in Ohio only takes 2 hours from Columbus.


Just a 100 minutes south of Columbus is Cincinnati, the third largest city in Ohio. Even though it was widely known as an industrial city for years, it has recently reinvented itself as a tourist destination. It offers a growing cultural scene, great food, and countless entertainment opportunities; all spread along the banks of the Ohio River. Must-see places in Cincinnati include the Wolff Planetarium, Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati Art Museum, and others.

Need more day tripping ideas? Visit one of Ohio’s ancient earthworks, enjoy the breathtaking sights of Ohio’s waterfalls or explore the caves and caverns.

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