Why Luxury Apartment Living Will Be the Best Option in 2019

The desire and hunt to buy a home is fizzling out and renting is making a comeback for 2019. Not just any rentals though, luxury apartment rentals are taking over the housing market, attracting buyers across generations and creating a huge demand for more. By offering an elegant setting and seemingly endless amenities, residents of luxury apartment buildings live a life of convenience and comfort, steps ahead of regular rental living and even home buying.  


Why Rent?

Renting is becoming a viable option for many people, including some previous homeowners. For those who don’t want to spend their evenings and weekends doing endless maintenance and repair projects around a home they own, renting has become quite appealing. While a home requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance money, renting gives residents the option to defer those costs to a landlord while also freeing up their time. Additionally, with housing prices and mortgage rates rising across the United States, it has become economically wiser to rent than buy in many areas, especially when your rental offers way more amenities and a life of luxury that your modest home can’t compete with.


Luxury Apartment Buildings

Many apartment complexes are moving away from the simple townhouse feel and towards a true luxurious mini-community within a community. With amenities such as doormen, concierge services, valet parking, private elevators, and state-of-the-art pools and gyms, living in a luxury apartment improves and transforms your entire life, and all while costing the same or less than a mortgage payment. Some luxury apartments even offer services such as complimentary food deliveries, garbage services, and community gardens, making it hard for even a beautiful turn-key home to compete with, because no home comes with all the help of a luxury apartment complex.


Contemporary Living

Another major drawing factor to luxury apartments are their contemporary and sleek designs. With developers using upgraded materials and well thought out floorplans that maximize space, luxury apartments are living up to the highest standards of living. Hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, and great views are just the beginning for a true luxury apartment. Complexes are including top of the line finishes, granite countertops, modern appliances, and spa-like bathrooms. These modern touches are a cornerstone of setting a luxury apartment complex apart from a standard one, and you’ll know them when you see them.

The Convenience Factor

What it really boils down to is convenience. Small yet well thought additions such as a keyless entry can go a long way towards making life more convenient for a tenant. A parking garage in a crowded metro area, spacious closets, and a pool and gym at your fingertips create a convenience factor that’s hard to turn down. Add pet-sitting and room service, which some luxury apartments are now doing, and you’ll never need a vacation again.

Luxury apartments are trending and are attracting people spanning from the modern millennial generation all the way to retirees who are looking for a stress-free lifestyle. For your chance to check out what life would be like at a luxury apartment complex come see us at The Arbor. Contact us at (614) 371-7115 or email us at info@arborcolumbus.com