Alchemy, The Fitness Loft & The Arbor Apartments Neighborhood

Urban living at its best doesn’t end with The Arbor Apartments. Perfectly situated next to our chic and luxurious apartment complex are two more fabulous and modern establishments. These establishments are ones in which tenants of The Arbor can enjoy on a regular basis. Alchemy and The Fitness Loft blend contemporary style and ingenuity while promoting a healthy lifestyle to Columbus, Ohio residents.


Located on Parsons Avenue in Columbus, Ohio Alchemy is not your typical juice bar. Created by two Ohio State University alumni, with the vision of making healthy living accessible and approachable, Alchemy is the perfect place to indulge with your friends while feeling good about your choices. Alchemy’s menu is extensive. They offer everything from smoothies and acai bowls to toasts with gourmet toppings, sandwiches, salads, juices, specialty coffees, and snacks. Every menu item is well thought out, each with their own unique ingredients and bold taste.  

The ingredients used at Alchemy are unmatched by any other juice bar in Columbus. With things like “house-made hemp walnut pesto” and “strawberry rhubarb vanilla bean jam” any patron of Alchemy is sure to find something that will wow their taste buds. Not only are the ingredients creative and tasty, but they are thoughtfully sourced. Alchemy stands firm in their commitment to creating healthy food from scratch. They insist every single menu item is made fresh daily and that all ingredients are local and organic, whenever possible. You won’t find artificial colors or flavors on their menu, nor will any dish include artificial sweeteners or trans fats. With over 15 local farmers and producers listed on their website, when you support Alchemy you are also supporting local Columbus and Ohio businesses and families.

The fresh, healthy, mindful ingredients and friendly, knowledgeable staff aren’t the only perks of Alchemy. In addition to making healthy dietary choices delightful and accessible Alchemy is really an affordable place to dine! Did you ever think you could get toast topped with fresh avocado, sea salt, red pepper, and kale for just over $3.00? Well at Alchemy you can! When taking into account the organic, fresh, carefully sourced, and sometimes rare ingredients used at Alchemy it is no surprise that they are a local favorite.

The Fitness Loft

The Fitness Loft, spread out over 25,000 square feet in Village Point. It is a gym that seems to have been transported here from the future. Utilizing Technogym equipment and interactive machines they allow members to browse Facebook, Instagram or check their emails while fitting their workout in. The Fitness Loft is in a league of their own.

In addition to the modern amenities and clean atmosphere, the workout options at The Fitness Loft are extensive. Members can use traditional free weights or choose between a variety of organized classes. Their first class begins around six in the morning. Their last class starts after seven o’clock in the evening, making fitting in a workout possible for nearly any work schedule. All of our Arbor Apartment residents are offered a VIP membership to The Fitness Loft. This is a perk that we are proud to share with our residents.

Residents of The Arbor Columbus can enjoy a modern and luxurious lifestyle at our facility. Our location, on the east side of German Village offers easy access to these two contemporary and transformative businesses. This further contributes to a simpler and healthier life for our tenants. For more information on calling The Arbor your new home contact us at (614) 371-7115 or email us at