Yellowbird and the Arbor: Organic Food Delivery for Tenants

What is Yellowbird Foodshed?

The Yellowbird Foodshed organization works hard to bring farm fresh food right to the table of Columbus, Ohio residents. They have created a community of people who support local farmers. These individuals care about creating a sustainable local food system for Ohio. When you order farm fresh food from Yellowbird you are directly supporting a local farmer and their family.

With over fifteen local farms, Yellowbird as truly located the best of farming in Ohio. Each of the farms they have partnered with share a common mission to focus on sustainability. And, they use farming methods that focus on biodiversity. Additionally, none of the farms they partner with use harsh chemicals on their food. This guarantees a healthier and safer source of food for you and your family.

Yellowbird offers three different sizes of food boxes. You are free to choose whichever one best suits the needs of you and your family. The contents of the box will vary depending on what is in season at that time of year. This will ensure you always receive fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Each box also comes with some recommended recipes for the contents of your box, helping customers to keep their cooking ideas fresh and varied.

The system they have come up with is really simple and user-friendly. You choose your box size, choose the location which you want to pick up your box. Every two weeks you receive a farm fresh box of goodies. Customers are free to put their box on hold during certain weeks if they do not need the food. This helps  to cut down on wasted food. Yellowbird has worked hard to make their food box program as convenient and worry-free as possible, and we think they’ve nailed it!

How it Works at The Arbor Apartments

Staying true to our belief in a green and healthy lifestyle, all residents of The Arbor can enjoy farm fresh foods from Yellowbird Foodshed delivered right to their front door monthly. Every aspect of The Arbor is intended to create a more convenient and healthier lifestyle for our tenants, and partnering with Yellowbird to bring farm to table food to our residents has become a huge part of this mission. We also offer recipes at the front office for residents who want to try something new and delicious with their box of goodies, or for residents who are getting stumped on what to do with some of their seasonal foods.

Sometimes our tenants don’t need all of their food. Or, they aren’t going through it fast enough. They also might have certain times of the year they are unavailable to receive their box. Not to worry, we’ve tried to think of everything so we have that covered as well. All extra and unwanted food from your monthly box will be donated to local charities, so you never have to worry about any of it going to waste and together we can continue to give back to our local Columbus community.

At The Arbor, we pride ourselves on environmental friendliness and community engagement. Yellowbird’s network of local Ohio farmers and farm to table food falls right in line with our values at The Arbor, which is why we are proud to bring Yellowbird Foodshed goodies to all our tenants. For more information on how we help our residents live a greener life at The Arbor, contact us at (614) 371-7115 or email us at