Happy Pets and Apartment Living

Apartment living can be challenging for pet owners who don’t find the right pet-friendly apartment. Whether your dog is small or large, many apartment complexes enthusiastically welcome pets and do what they can to ensure your furry family member is as comfortable as you are. Here at The Arbor, we love our canine tenants – and their humans…the humans are fine too...

A dog’s size, energy level, and social skills can cause problems for owners who live in smaller spaces if they are not well-equipped to keeping a happy pet in compact living. Here are some helpful tips and steps you can take to keep your pet happy in your apartment.

Tips for Pet Friendly Apartments

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

One of the most important points of keeping your dog happy and healthy is ensuring they get enough daily exercise. This is especially important when the dog has a limited amount of space to run and play while at home. Dogs who live in apartments naturally face more confinement than those that have a larger home to roam around, keeping them from being able to let out their energy and play, leaving them feeling frustrated and restrained. As most dog owners know, a dog who is frustrated will take their energy out in ways that can be destructive for the household, such as on your furniture, your slippers, or even your kid’s favorite toy.

In order to remedy a lack of roaming and running space apartment dwellers should ensure their dogs get adequate exercise twice a day – both morning and evening. This can consist of taking them jogging or running, exploring a nearby park or hiking trail, or taking them to the local dog park.

The Arbor is conveniently located near two great Columbus dog parks, Wheeler Dog Park and the Scioto Audobon Dog Park. Located less than 10 minutes away, both of these dog parks are popular and well-kept places to take your pup for some running, fetch, and plenty of places to sniff. The Scioto Audobon Dog Park is only 2 miles away, making the walk there and back in addition to some play time at the park the perfect recipe for a happy dog that will sleep great!

Create a Doggy Space

Creating a special doggy space in your apartment can make a world of difference in helping your dog to feel comfortable and relaxed. Designate a corner of your apartment as the dog’s and put a comfy bed, some toys, and the food and water bowls in this corner, giving your pup his own place to retreat to when he needs. If your dog is crate trained, keep their crate in the same area of your house and make it as comfortable and appealing as possible. In addition to keeping your dog happy, having a designated space for them can also help to protect your area rugs, floors, furniture, and overall cleanliness of your space.

Choose Your Location Wisely

No matter the breed or size of your dog, he will need to make trips outside to use the restroom. Therefore, choosing the location of your apartment within the complex can be a big factor in keeping your dog healthy and happy. For example, having an apartment on the top floor of a high-rise apartment complex may make midnight bathroom trips difficult for both of you.

To give both your dog’s bladder and legs a little help, securing a first-floor apartment could be ideal if you have a dog! However, if this is not possible, even a balcony or deck-space can make for a great emergency bathroom spot, easily accomplished by setting up some fake grass or a training pad in one corner for those middle of the night emergency times.

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