Top-Notch Apartment Decorating Tips

Whether you are trying to make a small space look bigger, are working towards maximizing your storage space, or are merely going for a modern and clean vibe in your apartment, a few simple decorating tips can go a long way in giving your apartment a little new life. Check out these top-notch decorating tips for apartments and smaller living spaces.

The Rug Effect

Many apartments come with wall to wall carpet or hardwood floors. While both have their benefits, both can have their downfalls as well. Wall to wall carpet can make a small apartment feel even smaller, and darker; hardwood floors can sometimes be loud and cold if not furnished correctly. Adding a large, light rug to your apartment can lighten up the space and also bring in some warmth and coziness. Try large area rugs in living spaces and smaller decorative rugs for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Don’t Settle for Blinds Alone

Most apartments come with standard-issue blinds, making windows appear drab and plain. Adding some bold curtains are a great way to bring in height and make the space appear larger. Hanging curtains from floor to ceiling is a great apartment living room idea, while adding a decorative curtain rod can bring in a nice modern touch. Many people layer their curtains with a sheer layer in back and a bolder print in front – a look that we’ve come to love in our luxury apartments.  

Sconces Anyone?

A great design trick for saving space and freshening up a space is to use wall sconces instead of lamps next to your bed or couch. Incorporating a sconce can save you nightstand and side-table space and can also take your room from standard apartment living to a modern, fancy living space. With many plug-in sconce options that you can install yourself, hiring an electrician to hardwire your lights is no longer a must, making this design trick easy and affordable.

Sub a Shelf In

A lot of apartment dwellers have turned to floating shelves instead of bulky end tables, and we LOVE this idea. Finding a small end table or nightstand is no easy task, they are often too large for a room and really all you need is a little space for your phone, a glass of water and a book or two. Incorporating a couple floating shelves next to your bed or couch is a modern and clutter free approach to getting that table space you need while freeing up the floor space you do not have to spare. Floating shelves also work great in other areas of your home such as toy storage for a child’s room, or a toiletry shelf in your bathroom.

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors!

There is something about a giant mirror in a living space that really tops off the room. Adding a large mirror to your living space immediately makes the room feel larger, brighter and lighter. This is a design trick that has been around for years, but its such an easy and effective way to make your apartment feel more open and bigger. Large mirrors can be pricey, so consider turning a simple full-length mirror horizontally on a living room wall or above your bed for an inexpensive and easy way to get the mirror effect in your apartment.

Decorating your apartment can be a really fun way to explore your creative side. With a few simple tricks, your apartment and living spaces can feel brighter, bigger and more modern. For more information on design tips and tricks for your luxury apartment contact us at The Arbor, phone (614) 371-7115 or email at