Five Creative Ideas for Shared Living Spaces

Living in a large metropolitan area such as Columbus, Ohio often means living in a more modestly sized apartment. Or a smaller home than one may be used to. Trying to fit all of your suburban home goods into your city apartment can be tough. Thus living comfortably in a studio or one bedroom apartment with others requires a little creativity. Check out these five creative ideas for shared living spaces.  We are certain you will want to incorporate at least one of them into your home.


Hook It Up

One of the biggest trials to apartment living is often sparse closet space. Adding hooks to the interior of your closet doors can save a lot of space. Put them on the sides of dressers or other clever places you can hide them. You can hang coats behind doors, purses on the side of your dresser, hats, keys, and many other day to day items by merely adding a few strategically placed hooks around your place.


Smart Storage

One of the BEST ways to maximize your living space is to get smart with your storage. There are many great furniture options that have storage capabilities built right into them! For example, a chaise lounge that opens up to a secret hiding place for blankets and pillows. Or a bed with hidden drawers underneath it. There are great coffee tables with a hidden layer of books below its surface. There are great furniture items out there that give you added storage.  They can take your cluttered living space to a spacious living space within minutes.


Divide it Up

Room dividers are a great way to create an entirely new living space in your home. A strategically placed divider can transform a corner into a reading nook or an office space, or turn your one large room into a living room and a dining area. Some dividers even easily fold up so you can stow them away if you are having guests or need the extra floor space. Having a little separation of space can be very healthy and is important when sharing a living space, so invest in an attractive room divider and create your own little getaway in one of those corners.


Curtains Aren’t Just for Windows

If you are sharing a studio apartment, every square inch of space counts towards making your living space seem as spacious as possible. Curtains are often thought of as only a window treatment, but a nice set of sheer curtains on a beautiful rod around your bed can really create a peaceful and seemingly separate sleeping quarter for you. Curtains can give you a world of privacy while taking up only inches of wall space, making them one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to expand your shared living space.


Bookshelves for the Win

One of our favorite new design tricks is using bookshelves for everything but books. Adding a bookshelf perpendicular to a wall can divide your living areas while also giving you a ton of extra storage. Whether its books, bowls, vases, keys, mail, purses, or TV remotes – your bookshelf wall can be used as a stow away space for nearly all your day to day belongings, maximizing your space while separating your rooms.  

Don’t let the thought of shared living spaces keep you from living your dream life in the city. With just a few clever tricks and tips your shared studio living space can begin to feel like a spacious home with plenty of room to grow. For more information on finding the right fit for you at The Arbor contact us at (614) 371-7115 or email us at