Safety & Security with Luxury Apartment Living

Safety and security for our residents is a top priority here at The Arbor Columbus. One of the biggest plus points of living in a luxury apartment is the security measures they take. This ensures each of their tenants and their grounds are safeguarded. Here are some ways The Arbor Columbus puts safety first.

Security Keys

Each of our Arbor Columbus apartments comes with a special security key. Each security key is unique to the unit. This ensures no one but the tenant can access or misplace a key to their unit. Additionally, main doors around The Arbor facilities require a security key to access them. Ensuring that all lounging and common areas around The Arbor Columbus are free from wanderers or the general public. By keeping our doors locked at all hours, and requiring a security key for entry, we ensure that every area of our Columbus apartments remain safe and secure for our tenants.


Security Guards

When enjoying the facilities of The Arbor you may notice a security guard or two walking or driving the premises. This is because The Arbor employs security to ensure that our tenants and their belongings remain free from harm. Whether you are walking to your car at night, returning to your apartment after a late night out, or traveling and leaving your unit unattended for a few days – there is always someone looking out for you at The Arbor.


Secure Parking

Like any other metro area around the country, finding parking in Columbus is often no easy task. And like many other metro areas around the country, sometimes unattended cars with forgotten belongings left behind are the perfect target for petty theft. However, this is not a problem at The Arbor because we maintain a private monitored parking garage. Not only do our residents have the luxury of ample parking, this parking garage is also closely monitored at all hours of the day to ensure the safety and security of our residents and their vehicles.



Another important factor to maintaining a secure luxury apartment complex, especially this day in age, is ample security footage. The Arbor utilizes numerous security cameras around the facilities to monitor the activity in and out of The Arbor. This ensures only our residents are occupying the amenities and their homes. Not only do security cameras discourage crime from occurring in the first place, should it occur regardless – security cameras aid in locating who the responsibility party is.

At The Arbor we have your back! Any time of day, anywhere on our property, we have you covered with ample safety and security measures. For more information on finding a Columbus, Ohio apartment near you contact The Arbor at (614) 371-7115 or email us at