The Arbor Apartments Top 5 Recommended Pizza Places

If there is one thing Ohioans love it’s a slice of good pizza, and we know it well! The Arbor Apartments are fortunate enough to have some great pizza places, relatively, close. We have prime locations near German Village and downtown Columbus. There are ample choices for delicious pizzerias for our Arbor residents. Here are our top five recommended pizza places. Some are right near our luxury apartments.



Dewey’s pizza located off of fifth avenue in downtown Columbus offers some of the freshest and creative pizza toppings you can find. They chop, cut, and grate all their pizza ingredients daily. This ensures your slice is fresh and delicious no matter what day of the week your pizza craving hits. Some of their specialty pizzas such as the Porky Fig and the Southwest BBQ Chicken include unique and tasty toppings. Toppings such as fig jam, black bean and corn salsa, and buffalo chicken. With specialty cheeses such as fontina and goat cheese, everyone is sure to find a pizza they fall in love with at Dewey’s.



For a more traditional slice of pizza, you can’t go wrong with Antolino’s. With many weekly specials and competitive prices, Antolino’s is the go-to pizza delivery place for many Columbus residents. Antolino’s reviews rave of good customer service, quick delivery, great prices, and delicious pizza served hot. Additionally, Antolino’s is family owned and operated. They’ve served the residents of Columbus, Ohio for the past forty years, making them a favorite for many Arbor tenants.


Harvest Pizzeria

Located in German Village, Harvest Pizzeria is a favorite spot for many Columbus residents. Their pizza is a little more pricey than your family owned Antolino’s. But Harvest has created a niche in the Columbus pizza market serving gourmet pies with toppings that you won’t find in many other pizzerias. Harvest’s gourmet food doesn’t end with pizza – they serve tapas, salads, great desserts, and fancy cocktails too! Check them out for a fun night out, or give their pizza a try on the lighter and cheaper side with their affordable and popular pizza and a salad lunch combo.


Mikey’s Late Night Slice

Looking for a good slice of pie after a late night out on the town? Look no further than Mikey’s Late Night Slice. With operating hours that stretch all the way to 3:00 am, Mikey’s is the go-to late night snack for Columbus’ night-life frequenters. But Mikey’s pizza doesn’t just taste good after a few drinks and a night full of dancing, it is genuinely good pizza that is served hot and fresh. Serving pizzas by the slice or the whole pie, and with a couple weekly specials, Mikey’s is a must-try at least once, and we promise you’ll become a regular.


Café Napolitana

For real authentic Italian cuisine, Café Napolitana is the place to be. Their pizza is classic and great, but just as popular is their gnocchi, lasagna and meatball dishes. Napolitana is family owned and operated and they make their Italian dishes from scratch, giving their diners a truly down-to-earth, Italian Sunday dinner experience. And while their dishes are classic, their drinks are trendy, making this the perfect place to dine out before a show at the Palace.

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