The History of The Arbor Apartments

The Arbor Apartments, much like Columbus, Ohio, has a rich history with deep roots. Although these luxury apartments appear modern and new, the history of their location goes back to the 1930s. Take a look at how our coveted downtown location has been a staple of Columbus, Ohio for nearly a century.


The Family Business

In 1924 George Bob founded Bobb Chevrolet, a car dealership in Columbus, Ohio. For the first six years of its existence Bobb Chevrolet operated off Whittier Street. But in 1930 the dealership was moved to Parson’s avenue. This is part of the current five-acre site located at Parsons and Livingston. Following the unfortunate passing of George Bobb his son, George Woodworth, took over the family business. His son George Woodworth Jr. succeeded him. Bobb Chevrolet was a successful family-run business for 75 years, making it a staple in the downtown Columbus, Ohio area. Many car dealerships opted to move out of downtown Columbus over the years. The Woodworth family decided to keep their business in the heart of Columbus. They developed a niche in their community and providing service to downtown employees.


The Transfer

Jeff May joined the Bobb Chevrolet team as used-car manager in 1983. By 1989 he was promoted to general manager. George Woodworth Jr. credits Jeff May with being an integral part of Bobb Chevrolet’s exponential growth from 1989 forward, when sales grew from $27.5 million in 1989 to $103 million by 1995! In 1992, Woodworth Jr. and May entered into an agreement that involved transferring the Chevrolet dealership from the Woodworth family to May over a ten year period. By 1997 ninety percent of the dealership had been sold to May with a complete transfer shortly after. Woodworth’s decision to remain in downtown Columbus, coupled with their fortunate partnership with May truly paid off, earning them a reputation for a steady sales force and often outselling all other Chevrolet dealerships in the Columbus area.


Present Day

Since the late 90s when May took over the East Livingston Avenue property he has done a lot to grow this area of Columbus, Ohio. Bobb Chevrolet has since been moved to a different location and May took the building and developed it into a coveted location with many local business thriving here in present day. Among the businesses operating at this historical site are The Fitness Loft and The Arbor Apartments. All of the businesses thriving in the plot developed by May are local and family owned, keeping the old-time family run business vibe as much of a staple of Columbus, Ohio as Bobb Chevrolet once was.


At The Arbor Apartments we are proud of the deep history our location holds. We strive to be just as important to the city of Columbus as Bobb Chevrolet once was, and we are proud to support local family-owned businesses that surround us in the same way May has.

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